Navwebs is a web hosting company based in the UK that was looking for an identity refresh including a new logo, icons, business cards, letterheads and a roll banner.

Problem: Navwebs had already a logo and a website. Although serving them well for a number of years, it had become tired and outdated. The colours used really didn’t really go well together.

Solution: We developed a logo that was modern with colours that inspired the idea of security (which is a massive part of their business) and technology. When applied across the multiple pieces of collateral, looked coherent and more professional.


Logo development

During our initial talk the client was very relaxed in regards to the direction of the logo. Their current identity lacked that modern touch that they were discussing and the colours didn’t really communicate their award winning hosting and safety features. After a few rounds of revisions and colour options the final logo was chosen. 🙌



Their old logo
The developed new logo


The client was looking for a stunning set of icons that would illustrate their various features and multiple pricing plans that would be offered to customers.

We developed a set that incorporated a style that featured a a contextual element that overlaid the main icon content. The colours used were able to add highlights to the various elements adding a little more interest to each.


To accompany the new identity, the client was looking to develop new business cards, letterheads and a roll baller that would be shown in the lobby of their building. The great colours, gradient and rounded shape provided a fantastic element to explore when enlarge in an abstract way.

Navwebs-BusinessCards-Mockup-01 copy.jpg