It's my job to work with you to create something that will elevate your brand and connect with your audience


My design process

As a multi-disciplined designer each project can vary quite a lot. I have been designing for a good number of years and have skills that can be specialised across different fields. It is this that can add variance to how projects will run but generally each will follow the below stages:


stage 1 - Introduction and discovery

This initial stage of the project is a great chance for us to get to know each other and to ask the who's, the what's and the why's.

If there are any assets needed before hand these will be passed over at this stage. This will include current logos, colours or ideas that you have. This allows us to be on the same page when it comes to the end of stage 2.

This is one of my favourite parts of the project as I love getting to know you and more about the brand. From this stage we will understand how the project will move forward and develop some timescales.


stage 2 - sketching and concept

This stage is where things start to get exciting. From our initial discovery chat and depending on the type of project we're working on, I will develop ideas. These can be rough or detailed such as sketches or idea walls that will be shown to you. This simply allows you to see the various direction(s) that I have developed and am exploring before moving onto the next stage.

I love keeping you in the loop of how things are developing as I feel this creates a more valuable product at the end.


stage 3 - Design and creation

This stage is when all of the ingredients from stage 1 and 2 are combined in creating a stunning and awesome product.

Included in the price of all projects is two rounds of changes to get things just right. From a logo to full identity design, an illustration, to a pixel or paper design, you'll love what we have created.