Simple Flying

Simple Flying is a news platform for aviation fans and frequent flyers. The client came to me looking for a logo, illustrations, social assets and an initial style guide.

Problem: They were needing an identity that stood out from the already saturated aviation news market while still staying as simple as possible.

Solution: It was an interesting balance to design for but after an initial chat we were on the same page and we ended up creating a logo and style that communicated exactly what they were looking for. 

100,000 Page views in first 6 weeks

10,000 new followers across all social platforms

Selection of proposed designs

Selection of proposed designs

Chosen design

Keep it simple

We played around a lot with various marks that explored the minimal idea but the client came back saying it needs to be even more simple. It wasn't until I was sketching with them that they stopped me on the plane window idea and asked to explore it with colour and type.

Horizontal logo spacing demonstrated in style guide

Horizontal logo spacing demonstrated in style guide

Stacked logo spacing demonstrated in style guide

Stacked logo spacing demonstrated in style guide



The colours chosen were to compliment elements of nature, the aviation industry and the idea of simplicity. Blue was a popular choice from the client to echo sky blue hues but the splash of red really adds to the scheme.


Named colours in style guide

Colours used in logo application



Montserrat was the chosen typeface to represent Simple Flying across print and digital with Open Sans being for web copy.



Developing an illustration style for Simple Flying was great fun. I knew I was wanting to explore thin strokes using the tones of the grey and blue echoing the minimalistic design. The client loved where it was going and approved the style.


Style Guide

The style guide was asked for by the client to pass to the increasing number of writers and other collaborators of the site. I developed the tone of the copy matching the light-heartedness of the company and the illustration style.